Rare luxury limo used by commie bosses goes on sale for 399k

A rare Mercedes limousine used to ferry about Polish communist-era bosses has been put up for sale.

The 60-year-old Mercedes 300d Adenauer is last to survive of six that were purchased in 1959 to transport heads of state and dignitaries.

In its twelve years of service, the luxury German vehicle hosted Polish communist bosses Władysław Gomułka and Edward Gierek on its back seat.

The Adenauer, named after Konrad Adenauer the first chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, has been lovingly restored and put on sale by car dealer Classic Motors with a price tag of PLN 399,000.

While other Soviet-bloc states favoured the Russian ZIS or GAZ limousines, the Polish authorities in the 1950s opted for the five-metre-long Mercedes 300d for official trips, parades and rallies.

However, the version that made its way to Poland from the factory in Stuttgart was not standard.

The ‘d’ model that came out of the factory had power steering and an automatic gearbox, but the Poles passed on these technological gizmos, possibly to make servicing the vehicle easier for Polish mechanics at the time, and because government protection officers were already used to driving more basic Soviet-designed cars.

Despite this, the care still dripped with luxury. The seats were upholstered in fine leather with wood inlays

The interior was incredibly quiet, thanks to a wide variety of soundproofing materials.

The load-bearing chassis offered a stable, smooth ride, and the spacious interior featured an innovative heating system with a system of independent vents.

The model on sale was in government service until the early 1970s, after which it was sold in a state-run auction.

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