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Why buy a car if you can get it for free?
Why lease a car if you can win it?
Why rent a car if you can own it so quickly and easily?
why are we giving away cars? Who has cars to give away? is a mission for many people to get easily into a car. With a minimal investment of a lot and a bit of luck, you can win your dream car with us – quickly and easily.
On the other hand it offers companies and institutions the opportunity to gain publicity through targeted sponsorship.
Our vehicles come exclusively from companies and organizations that pursue high-profile marketing by donating their cars.

Our cars come from the following two categories:

1. Older vehicles of companies, institutions and organizations.
These vehicles are not brand new and are owned by the organization. However, the condition is as good as new, because they were hardly used.

2. Brand new vehicles from companies, institutions and organizations. These vehicles are newly purchased and raffled only for the purpose of the donation for promotional purposes.

3. Vehicels from privat persons which want sell their cars in the course of a raffle.

In First both cases, the win of a car is usually associated with the appearance at an event. This means if when you win a car, you usually get the car directly at a gala, show or event.
There then takes place in the context of advertising for the donor. Therefore, no companies or donors are mentioned on our website. This is done exclusively in the context of an event.
Where the event destination place, in which country and when, depends on the donor of the vehicle. BUT for you as winner there is NO COST at the event. The arrival and the hotel are fully taken over by the donor. And for them and accompanying persons of your choice. Usually 2-3 persons are allowed. In that case, the flight costs, the hotel and everything else will be paid by the donor.

In the case that someone can not come to the event or for any reason does not want to come, the gift can also be redeemed in a slightly lower value financially. In that case you would not get the car, but the amount of money in a little less height of the car value.

As you can see, you always come out as winner! Of course, only if you win.

Take a look at the current raffles and grab a ticket for your favorite cars or join the member club with us and you will not miss any of the monthly raffles. Up to 10 per month.
Your chances of winning thus increase day by day.

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